How do I order a nude portrait of my partner?


We offer you the exciting opportunity to capture the nude natural beauty of your wife, husband, girlfriend or boyfriend in a piece of collectable art that can be treasured for a lifetime! The perfect gift to hang in your bedroom, or..., living room!

We offer various services to suit your location and budget ranging from an organised nude sitting in a professional studio down to emailed art from a nude photo for you to print off and frame.

Option 1: Nude sitting

Live sitting at the artist's studio:

The Art Studio Session offers the ultimate opportunity to capture the natural beauty of your nude partner from life with professional lighting and various props at hand. Three different poses are organised by the highly skilled figurative artist lasting around 45min each. You then get to choose which piece of naked art you prefer to purchase. You may buy all three intimate art pieces if you wish! Chaperones and partners are welcome.

Option 2: Nude by post

Email us your pic - Original artwork sent back to you by post:

If your partner is unable to travel to the artist's studio in Westhoughton, Greater Manchester, UK then we can offer you art from photos. A collectable piece of art is created from a nude photograph of your wife or partner and the insured original art is then mailed to you in a strong postal tube ready for framing.

Option 3: Nude by email

Email us your pic - Copy of artwork emailed back to you:

For smaller budgets and international customers we can offer emailed art from nude photos which you can then print off at home.

Q & A

Do you draw nude boyfriends or just girlfriends?

Yes, we draw anybody. Male, female, gay, straight, fat, thin, young or old! 


What kind of poses can we choose?

You can choose any style of pose you wish. Just ask!

Do I have to pose fully nude?

The artist specialises in in the nude figure, but the subject may pose partly clothed or semi nude if preferred. However, the finished art will always place more focus on the figure (whether clothed or nude) than facial portraiture.  

Can my partner and I pose together?

Yes. Add 50% to all prices for this service.

Do the three poses have to be the same person?

No. The sessions can be divided up with as many individuals as you like, so long as the poses are all carried out within the single session.

Can I choose the poses?

Yes, you can choose the poses or they can be left up to the artist to decide. 

What happens if I don't like the drawings?

Studio session:

You are under no obligation to purchase any of the studio drawings that you have sat for. However, any costs incurred in travelling to the studio cannot be refunded. The artist reserves the right to keep and sell any drawings that are not bought by the sitter. 

Photo submission:

Payment must be made in full before the release of the art. Refunds are not accepted for photo submission.

Can the artist make me look younger or slimmer?

The artist may be guided slightly towards your 'ideal' if required but generally the artist prefers to work true to life.

What size are the drawings?

The drawings are roughly 12" x 18". They are unmounted and unframed. 

Can you create a nude oil painting of my partner?

Yes, as well as drawings we can arrange a nude oil painting of your wife, girlfriend or boyfriend. Contact us for prices! 


Ordering a nude portrait of your partner

Important notes to consider when ordering:

Option 1: Nude sitting

Please allow three weeks to be booked into a live sitting. This can be morning or afternoon any day of the week. You choose which day suits you best. A session would generally start at 10am or 1pm but you are required to arrive at the studio 20min ahead of the session. Please allow three hours for the whole event. Don't forget your robe! Payment is taken on the day of the session depending on how many drawings are purchased. Cash only.

Option 2 & 3: Nude portrait by post/email

Please allow two weeks for completion of the drawing. For best results please attach a large good quality image. We will let you know if the image doesn't offer enough detail for our artist. Payment is required after our approval of the photo via Paypal or bank transfer.