How much does it cost to have a nude drawing of my partner?

We have created various pricing options to ensure that buying a nude portrait is completely affordable and offers exceptional value for money. Very soon you will both be admiring the beautiful artwork that cost you so little.

Bi tone

Multi tone

Option 1: Nude sitting


Live sitting at the artist's studio:

The Art Studio Session offers the ultimate opportunity to capture the natural beauty of your partner. Expertly drawn from life, aided with professional lighting systems to enhance and accentuate the nude form. The studio has various props at hand, attention to detail is at the forefront of the artist's mind. Three different poses are organised by the skilled figurative artist lasting around 45 minutes each. You then choose which piece of art you prefer to purchase. You may buy all three if you wish! Chaperones and partners are welcome.

1 drawing .........Bi Tone: 75.00     Multi Tone: 105.00

2 drawings ......Bi Tone: 100.00    Multi Tone: 150.00

3 drawings ......Bi Tone: 120.00    Multi Tone: 180.

Option 2: Nude by post

Email us your pic - Original artwork sent back to you by post:

If you are unable to travel to the artist's studio in Westhoughton in the North West of England then we can offer you art from nude photos of your partner. A collectable piece of art is created from your photograph and the insured original art is then mailed to you in a strong postal tube ready for framing. Available in Bi Tone only.

(Take a look at our photo guide).

1 drawing (inc P&P) 50.00

2 drawings (inc P&P) 70.00

3 drawings (inc P&P) 90.00


Option 3: Nude by email

Email us your pic - Copy of artwork emailed back to you:

For smaller budgets and international customers we can offer emailed art from nude photos of your partner which you can then print off at home. Available in Bi Tone only. Please note, this option does NOT include the ORIGINAL piece of art, which may be resold at the artist's discretion. To buy original art please select Option 1 or Option 2.

(Take a look at our photo guide).

1 drawing ...... 30.00

2 drawings ..... 40.00

3 drawings ..... 50.00


For a limited time we can offer you a painting for the same price as a Multi Tone drawing!

See our samples below: